Discover a Profitable Way to Get Free Paypal Money

Are you looking for proven ways to get free paypal money now? Paypal is a popular payment processor, that works like a bank where you can easily buy stuff online or pay for services.

For this reason, many people are searching fo legit ways to get free money into their account. But is possible to get free paypal money instantly with little efforts?

Of course is possible, however you’ll not get make a fortune, there are genuine ways to earn some extra cash online and receive it by paypal.

Below are some honest ideas to get free paypal money in your account:

#1. Earn money with a blog

Earn money blogging is my favorite formula to get paypal money. However if you want to make money blogging, you need to learn a lot and it requires time.

Basically you need to pick a topic, create content to attract visitors and monetize it selling ads space or by promoting services or digital courses.

You need to make a search to find useful tutorials about it.

#2. Earn free paypal cash with “Get-paid-to” sites

With gpt sites you don’t need especial skills and knowledge, it’s the bestĀ free paypal money hack you can find online.

You just need to join some trusted sites and invest 20-30 minutes per day. These sites will pay you paypal cash for simply performing small tasks, offers and surveys.

Below are some of the best of them:


Inboxdollars is a site that pays you to complete surveys, offers, deals, etc… Its an old and paying site, one of the best sites to get free money in paypal.


Although it stopeed using paypal to pay their users, still is an interesting site that pays you to watch short ads and for doing mini-jobs. It’s paying instantly since 2008.


Another old and top paying site to get free paypal cash in your account. It pays to watch short ads, to complete tasks and to refer new users.


From the same owner of scarlet-clicks, it’s another great site to earn money online.

There are many ways to get free paypal money now, however not all of these methods are easy and fast.

Just stick with the methods above and you can earn some good cash.